Take the time to prioritize you with the brand new Uplift You Journal

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Created with Love and Care

Helping you focus on the journey, not the outcome

As some of you may know, journaling has been a very important part of my journey. It has allowed me to develop a deeper bond with my true self and has helped me through anxiety, lack of self love, and the hardest moments of my life.

I launched the very first Uplift You journal last year, and thanks to your feedback, our new updated version is packed with new features guaranteed to help you develop into the best version of yourself.

I can wholeheartedly say that you won't find a journal like this anywhere else, journalling has changed my life and I know that this will do the same for you. 

Love always, Leana


A positive day begins with a positive mindset, and ends with thoughtful reflection.

Our daytime section provides a boost to begin your day, helping you to instill self-confidence and practice gratitude, whilst the night time journalling area offers the perfect way to end your day, to reflect on wins, and accept that tomorrow will be another day to constantly improve.

  • Day & Night affirmations
  • Daily intentions & gratitudes
  • Nightly reflections

The Uplift you journal allows you to use the exact journalling style I practise every day, and that I know will truly impact your routine, health and your happiness.

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Goal Setting

To be clear of your vision and make progress, it is Important to set clear goals.

  • A yearly goal section included to map out your vision so you can turn your dreams into a reality

Goal setting has played such a massive role in holding myself accountable and allows me to always focus on what I’m working towards to daily. 

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Self Care

The more we practice self-care, the better we become at bringing out the best in ourselves. 

Uplift You journals also include: 

Not only do we have our journalling and goal setting, but also:

  • Space for you to plan your workouts, write new recipes or create your own bucket list
  • Ultimate freedom to let your mind wander and find clarity in your thoughts and ideas.

If you’re searching for a sense of clarity, a safe space to be honest with yourself, and a form of accountability - this journal was made for you.

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